1870s feminine hairstyles

1870s women coiffures

December the 14th, 2015

Getting ready for festive evening... Which hairstyle to choose? Here are some „Present fashions in hair“, 1870s. Charming, aren‘t they? Well, in order to console ourselves, it is worth mentioning that not all women had such splendid hair as Elizabeth (Sisi), Empress of Austria, and from the middle of the 19th century, chignons and other forms of false hair were used. As always, some ladies would try too hard to keep up with fashion. Those with too obvious false hair were eagerly mocked by society. George du Maurier, in his caricature for Punch, called "The Triumph of Art", pictures a young woman having her hair dressed by her maid, saying: „And now, Ma‘am, I hope that‘ll plaze ye; sure there‘s niver a soul as would think it was your own hair!“. On this hand or another, it only tells us that in this distant time long hair was still considered to be a thing of great value, the synonym of beauty, the symbol of femininity.
1876 coiffure for every day 1876 coiffure for a ball
1876 again, plate from "La Mode illustrée"