Jewelry care

Tatted lace is really strong and difficult to unravel. Because of their durability, they were handed down from generation to generation. So that your tatted jewelry would serve faithfully many years to come, we recommend following several simple rules.
It is best to store your the jewelry in a closed non-transparent box, dry place. The box in which jewelry is packed, will be perfect for it. We specially arranged it to become “home” for your tatted jewelry.
If stored in another box, it should be big enough so that you could place it spaciously, keeping the primary shape. It should not be pleated, crammed into a small box or treated in any other disorderly manner. Also, we strongly recommend against placing any other jewelry or things on top of it.
You can wear tatted pieces just like usual jewelry. We use a special method to stiffen them, which makes them not only firm, but also much more resistant to dirt and dust. The pieces containing wide openwork lace are almost not stiffened at all, so they should be treated with care.
Some recommendations will help you wear them unchanged in the long years to come:
• Put on your jewelry only after your make up is done and perfume is on. We recommend waiting until perfume is completely absorbed by the skin. It goes without saying that it is not advisable to spray perfume straight onto your jewelry, because, apart from absorbing the scent, they can be affected by chemicals and alcohol, especially pearls.
• Take off your jewelry before swimming in the sea or pool, going to bathhouse or sauna.
• Take off your jewelry before applying face/hand cream or body lotion.
If handled with just a little bit of care, your tatted jewelry will last for years. When needed, you can remove lint, dust and other small particles by a lint roller.
However, this jewelry is made from threads, and it can happen that it will get dirty, especially if tatted from a light-coloured thread.
What if your jewelry piece got dirty?
• Remove dirt from the surface of the piece as soon as possible.
• Slightly moisten the dirty place with tepid water and gently wash it. If needed, use a simple non-detergent face or cleaning soap. If you got dirt on the whole piece of jewelry, you can immerse it in water and gently clean it as described above.
• Stretch the piece into its primary shape and leave to dry. It will be stiff again when completely dry. As far as difficult-to-remove stains are concerned, please, contact us, and we will clean and renew your jewelry piece.
• Do not use any aggressive cleaning detergents or acids, as they can damage your jewelry. Do not place it into hot water – it can lose stiffness. Besides, pearls can also suffer.
• Do not clean pearls and jewelry containing pearls with ultrasound.
Cleaning silver fittings
For all our jewelry, we use 925 Sterling Silver fittings. As it is generally known, silver, when rarely used, gets tarnished with time. In order to make it shiny again, tarnished silver pieces should be cleaned with special tissues which can be obtained in a silver jewelry shop. They will clean the fittings easily and fast, just take care not to tarnish the jewelry piece itself. If jump rings got tarnished, we recommend removing them carefully from a jewelry piece before cleaning. Most of them will be easy to open – by hands or using small tongs (except for the rings of the earrings which are sewn or tatted directly to the piece to keep them stable – it is better to clean them without removing, just take care not to tarnish the piece itself). Once you finish cleaning, put on the rings again.            
Cleaning with water
If you are used to putting your pearls or other stones under cold running water occasionally (so that they get cleaned and renewed), you can also do it with tatted jewelry. After cleaning, gently remove excessive water with a cloth or tissue and, keeping it in a primary shape, leave to dry in the sunlight until the stones get charged.