About the Author

     Hello and welcome! Thank you for visiting. I hope you like my works.
    My name is Lina. I was born and grew up in Lithuania, spending most of my life in Vilnius. I love my country and I am really happy to live and create in my native land. I have grown in the family of philologists of the Lithuanian language and literature. I am a philologist of the English language; literature and word has always been my second home. This is probably why you will find many texts on our website, no less than jewelry pieces created, I suppose.
    Right from the start of my career, I plunged into the field of commerce. As time passed, I understood it’s high time I stopped ignoring my true self and started my own journey – not always easy, safe and secure – but that of my own.
    From the early childhood, crafts were an integral part of my life. My sister and me, having no possibility to obtain toys we wanted, would simply create them.
     We were particularly fond of miniature houses, farms and homesteads, inhabited by... our father’s chess figures, wearing neat clothes made by ourselves. Guess if our father considered it to be a great idea!
    I started crocheting as a child, spending hours and hours knitting. I crocheted everything, getting increasingly ambitious – from Christmas bells, angels and doilies to large table covers, dresses and hats... Most often I did not follow any patterns, relying on my own imagination. A shuttle (the tool that I use to make the jewelry presented here) occurred quite recently in my life. At first I tatted only as a hobby, but soon the shuttle became an integral part of my life and my profession.
    I should make a pause here and acknowledge that everything you see – jewelry, articles and Filigrania in general – is not an accomplishment of my own, but that of my sister and me. As I mentioned before, I have a wonderful sister, my congenient companion, a faithful supporter and co-creator of all our ideas. Being a professional editor of the Lithuanian language, she helped to make texts and articles smooth and fluent, all written by ourselves, based on various materials available. Meanwhile, I translated only one article into English, and many more are on the way.
    We wouldn’t have managed to create Filigrania website without the help of our talented friends – Vilma Vitkauskaitė and Nijolė Karpavičienė. Vilma, a professional graphic designer, helped to design this website, arranged professional photo sessions, edited photos and helped to solve other innumerable issues. For the wonderful photos and true love for flowers we are also grateful to Nijolė, the chairwoman of Lithuanian rose society.
    The concept of our activity is set out in the section Our philosophy. Just let me add that we have always been fascinated by all that has preserved its connection to the past. Probably this is the reason why our creations tend to look back to the times gone by, inviting to reflect on their relation to the present day.
    Meanwhile, you are very welcome to take a look at Filigrania website and, maybe, to obtain something you like. I would be very happy to create a jewellery piece especially for you. I am constantly learning and improving my technique, I am restlessly looking for better, even more beautiful (and natural, of course) materials that will help to make my new jewelry visions a reality. I also invite you to subscribe to our newsletter and follow my new works.
Sincerely yours,