In the Box

Cesare Mariani (1836–1901) „In the Box“

January the 20th, 2016

While these charming ladies are listening – to some opera of Rossini or Donizetti, maybe?.. – let‘s sit in the box next to them for a moment. To observe visitors is an occupation no less interesting than to watch the opera itself. One of the ladies is wearing, in the Spanish manner, a splendid black lace mantilla and has a fashionable comb in her hair. It looks like she is quite interested in what happens on the stage. The second one, having set aside carelessly her luxurious hand-embroidered silk shawl... what does she have in her mind? Perhaps she thinks how ridiculous it is to watch it all over and over again... Or maybe... she hasn‘t found in the crowd the one she hoped to see?.. The evening became unbearably long and boring, and the whole world suddenly lost its all colours...