Leonilla Baryatinskaya

Leonilla Baryatinskaya (painting by Franz Xaver Winterhalter), 1849.

November the 24th, 2016

    "In the skies of Saint Petersburg, a new star has lit. It's not burning, even a little chilly, but the rays of her light radiate every direction. You come and you get cought." - This is what Russian duke Viazymsky wrote about Princess Leonilla Baryatinskaya in 1834. She made quite a mess in salons of the time with her velvet eyes and sable eye-brows... This woman earned fame not only for her beauty, but also for her intellect. Actually, she was almost local to Vilnius, for she often lived in Verkiai palace that her husband bought in the middle of the century. So let's behold and enjoy – if not her intellect, then, at least her beauty. As seen by the famous Franz Xaver Winterhalter, as well as our local painter Kanuty Rusiecki. And a few photos of 1870s original interiors in Verkiai.
Leonilla Baryatinskaya (painting of Franz Xaver Winterhalter), 1843, Paris.
Photo of Leonilla Baryatinskaya, 1857.
Painting of Wittgenstein family by Kanuty Rusiecki

Photos of original interiors in Verkiai, 1870s
© Lina KrasnovaitÄ—, „Filigrania“