The music lesson

Nikolay Koshelev's painting "The music lesson", 1865

July the 19th, 2016

This painting, which appeared like an old worn out photograph of some old mansion interior at first glance, instantly revived one epizode from Lithuanian writer‘s Šatrijos Ragana beautiful short story “Viktutė“.

This evening, I sat to play Chopin‘s waltzes. At first, he kept walking in the parlour, then sat in the corner and, resting his head upon his hands, listened. <...> When I finished, seeing that he still sits, I approached him and asked, smiling, what he was dreaming about. He leaped out of his chair, and I saw tears running from his eyes. So that I would not see them, perhaps, he run to close the piano.

Translated by Lina Krasnovaitė