Amber Forest

Amber, time and again reborn in Lithuanian jewelry, provides the continuation of the deeply rooted Baltic tradition.
This set is the first Filigrania’s attempt to approach our Lithuanian diamond… Therefore, we start telling the story right from the beginning – about a log-gone exotic world... There, vast forests thrived, along with magnificent pines which gave us amber. In the center, amber, king of the stones, sits proudly, clearly recalling its millennia-old history, surrounded by seed pearls, tiger eye, yellow jade, tiny greenish peridots and silk ribbon. Cotton thread, sparkling with greens and browns, adds surprise and mystery to the tatted jewelry set. Brooches will look gorgeous placed upon a unicolor, dark background. 


• High quality cotton and linend thread
• Amber
• Freshwater cultivated seed pearls, dyed
• Tiger eye beads
• Jade beads
• Peridots
• Silk ribbon
• Sterling Silver fittings

Please note that every piece of amber is unique, therefore, there will be no two similar -looking jewelry pieces. If you wish, we can send photos of actual goods before sending them to you.
In order to keep their shape, jewelry pieces are stiffened.

Brooch (large): length – 5,5 cm, width – 4 cm.​
Brooch (small): length – 4 cm, width – 4 cm.​
Earrings: length – 4,8 cm (with hooks), 3 cm (without hooks), width – 1,9 cm. The earrings are offered with continental (English) hooks. Should you prefer other fittings, please, indicate so in the order comment.

Pease note that the measurements presented are approximate. All items are handmade, therefore the dimensions of your jewelry piece can be slightly different from those indicated here.