The Black Mantilla

The beauty of antique Spanish lace inspired us to create this set. A portrait of a dignified and graceful dark-haired woman, painted by Goya or Velazquez, emerges in front of our eyes... Her head and shoulders are covered by black lace mantilla, looking as majestic a crown of the queen. Mantilla is a specific shawl, having its origins in ancient Spain, where women still wear it today. Increasingly popular with time, it finally became an integral part of Spanish identity and  even managed to change the course of history.
A luxurious set will be perfect for any big event, and its separate parts will fit for any modest occasion or every day. We recommend tying bracelets with silk ribbons.
Earings tatted from ecru colour thread, decorated with white or lavender pearls and seed pearls are available, perfect for wedding! Press "More information" to see them.


• Cotton thread
• High quality freshwater cultivated pearls and seed pearls
• 925 Sterling Silver fittings

In order to keep their shape, jewelry pieces are stiffened.

Necklace: length – 44 cm, width – 4,2 cm.
Bracelets: length – 16 cm, width – 3,5 cm. To adjust bracelet length, 7 cm long silver chain decorated with a seed pearl, is attached.
• Earrings: length – 7 cm (with hooks), 6 cm (without hooks), width – 3,5 cm.
Please note that the measurements presented are approximate. All items are handmade, therefore the dimensions of your jewelry piece can be slightly different from those indicated here. Bracelets can be made according to your preferred length.