In the Old Manor

Colours of old wood, fabrics faded with time… This set is inspired by the vision of a Lithuanian manor…
Behind the woods and rivers, amidst valleys and hills, stands a wooden palace of an old manor. Not tall, but long and wide, it has a large porch, leaning calmly upon white masts, full of corners of love, cozy and warm, a faithful asylum of all our joys and sorrows. A big drowsy pond lies in front of it, with its mysterious depths, plated with gold by evening moon and stars, and an orchard, bursting with chants and fragrances and dreams.
Šatrijos Ragana, Sename dvare (In the Old Manor), 1922.
 The set is suitable for festive as well as everyday wear. Bigger and smaller earrings are offered. Universal colours allow it to be worn with many different clothes. White pearls have a beautiful tinge of steal in this colour scheme.


• Cotton thread
• High quality freshwater cultivated pearls and seed pearls
•  925 Sterling Silver fittings
In order to keep their shape, jewelry pieces are stiffened.

Necklace: length – 43,5 cm, width – 2,5 cm.
Bracelets: length – 16,5 cm, width – 2,5 cm. To adjust bracelet length, 7 cm long silver chain decorated with a seed pearl, is attached.
Small earrings: length – 4,3 cm (with hooks), 3,3 cm (without hooks).
Big earrings: length – 8,2 cm (with hooks), 6,8 cm (without hooks), width – 2,5 cm.
Please note that the measurements presented are approximate. All items are handmade, therefore the dimensions of your jewelry piece can be slightly different from those indicated here. Necklace and bracelets can be made according to your preferred length.