Choker is a fashionable accessory for young girls today. In fact, it has a very deep-rooted wearing tradition. Women enjoyed chokers widely during the periods of mysterious baroque and highly elaborate rococo. In the 19th century, which is considered the peak of feminine elegance among fashion historians, chokers came back to popularity in the 1870s and 80s. They perfectly matched graceful clothes of the period with V-shape neckline dresses and high set sleeves.
Our totally handmade chokers are a harmonious combination of fashion and elegance of olden times. We sought inspiration in authentic 19th century tatting books, adding some modern touch here and there. "Fragile" lace (though very durable in fact) will make you look and feel feminine and subtly graceful. We also offer pendant charms to adorn chokers: you can choose whichever you like (chokers and pendants are offered separately). The choker can be fastened with 7 cm Sterling silver extension chain or tied with matching (or contrasting!) pure silk ribbon. The ribbon is a very elegant solution! ;)


• Cotton or silk threads

• Sterling Silver fittings (7 cm long Sterling Silver extension is attached) or
• Pure silk ribbon (to tie the choker)
• For some chokers, freshwater cultivated seed pearls are used.

Pendants are made of natural stones or freshwater cultivated pearls and Sterling Silver, in some of them natural composition threads are used. You can see exact materials in the description of each product.

Approximate choker length is 28-29 cm. All chokers are totally handmade, therefore, their length can vary insignificantly. However, at no additional cost, we can make the choker fo your preferred length.