Lapis lazuli and pearls

Lapis lazuli and pearls – one of the noblest combinations in jewelry history. Its connection with holiness and purity has reached us from distant centuries gone by. Maybe it is the reason why the jewelry made out of these gems is so elevating and appealing?
The design of this jewelry set is simple, revealing the refined essence of the ensemble. Medallion type pendant is encircled by gentle silk thread and high quality freshwater pearls. Its back side is additionally reinforced with linen thread. A gentle and soft chain, as light as a feather, decorated with seed pearls, can be worn alone. As in most historical jewelry with lapis lazuli and pearls, the latter does not dominate, encircling the stone, allowing its noble ultramarine colour shine out. For your choice, we created a bigger pendant as well, with a freshwater pearl chain. Instead of the pendant, you can also choose brooch.
Elegant jewelry set will fit for many occasions – everyday work, school graduation or some informal party with close friends or – just a walk on a warm summer evening. And for a special refined gift as well.


• High quality ivory colour silk, linen and cotton threads
• Lapis lazuli (dyed)
• High quality
cultivated freshwater pearls and seed pearls
• Rock crystal and wool (for large pendant)
• Sterling Silver fittings


Pendant: length – 3,2 cm (without pendant bail), 4 cm (with pendant bail), width – 2,5 cm (central part).
Large pendant: length – 4 cm, width – 3 cm (central part). Pearl chain length – 40 cm.
Chain: length – 31 cm, width – 0,5 cm.
To adjust chain length, 11 cm long silver chain is attached.
Earrings: length – 4,3 cm (with ear wires), 2 cm (without ear wires), width – 1,7 cm.
Please note that the measurements presented are approximate. All items are handmade, therefore the dimensions of your jewelry piece can be slightly different from those indicated here. Both tatted and silver chains can be made according to your preferred length, for an additional price agreed.