Moon garden

The ball will end soon… Sweet exhaustion all over your body, and some mixed feelings inside. Who will even attempt to understand one’s own heart fully? You walk into the terrace surrounded by balustrades. Is it dawning? No, it’s only full moon enlightening a spacious garden. In a clear night, white rose blossoms are glowing like tender blue clouds. Mild wind plays around, enjoying their fresh aroma.
This set, inspired by white flowering Moon gardens, is full of night secrets. The pendant and earrings are tatted from firm black linen thread, while chain is made from tender cotton thread. The set is adorned with natural blue-green amazonite stone and tiny hematite beads radiating cold metallic glow. The chain worn alone close to your neck will also look elegant and refined. The set is modest and luxurious at the same time – will do equally well when worn every day and during a splendid 19th century ball. ;)


• Linen and cotton threads
• Natural amazonite beads (non-dyed)
• Natural hematite beads (non-dyed)
• Sterling Silver fittings

Pendant: 2,5 x 4 cm
Chain: length – 23 cm, width – 1 cm. To adjust chain length, 11 cm long silver chain is attached.

Earrings: length – 3,1 cm (with ear stud), 2,4 cm (without ear stud), width – 1,5 cm.

Please note that the measurements presented are approximate. All items are handmade, therefore the dimensions of your jewelry piece can be slightly different from those indicated here.  The chain can be tatted according to your preferred length (up to 35 cm will be tatted at no additional cost).