Out of Antique Box

This set seems to be taken out of an antique jewelry box tarnished with time. It tells a story of a deep-rooted tradition, almost lost in time – jewelry passed over from generation to generation. In a dowry chest it would travel from one house to another, absorbing experiences, smells and sounds… – whisper of morning prayer, impatient anticipation of a special evening, mysterious strokes of the old clock… They remember a lot from our ancestors’ home, something we never knew or forgot.
The set is tatted from high quality firm linen thread. Carnelian in the centre is surrounded by grey-bluish seed pearls, due to which a mat jewelry piece acquires generous glow. Thus, quite an unexpected, but attractive colour match is achieved. And the beads of a tiger eye are so reminiscent of a rosary, smooth and glossy with time.  The necklace will also fit closed neck clothes. The chain can be made according to your preferred length; long chain will also look fine.


• High quality linen thread
• Carnelian
• Freshwater cultivated seed pearls, dyed
• Tiger eye beads
• 925 Sterling Silver hooks

Necklace: length – 39 cm, width – 3,5 cm (central part), 7 mm (chain).​
Earrings: length – 5 cm (with hooks), 4 cm (without hooks), width – 2,5 cm.

Please note that the measurements presented are approximate. All items are handmade, therefore the dimensions of your jewelry piece can be slightly different from those indicated here. Chain can be made according to your preferred length.