Scent of Wax

The set is inspired by images, colours and smells of an old majestic house… Can you see these silent halls, with high walls and windows? Doors covered with heavy tapestry faded with time… Rooms drowsing in half shadows… Can you smell a sweet scent – that of real candles made by hands… – heavy brass candelabras are covered with fragrant, dull yellow wax.
Brooch and earrings are tatted from high quality firm, quite thick linen thread. Terracotta-coloured carnelian, brown and yellow tints of tiger eye, as well as hand-dyed silk ribbon make lapis lazuli and grey thread warmer. And the beads of jade seem to be molded out of soft fragrant wax… The set will match many colours. The brooch will stand out proudly against a darker whole-coloured background. Light details of the brooch will be underlined when put on grey clothes.


• High quality linen thread
• Carnelian
• Lapis lazuli
• Jade stone
• Tiger eye stone
• Hand-dyed silk ribbon
• 925 Sterling Silver fittings

Brooch: length – 5,5 cm, width – 5,5 cm.​
Earrings: length – 3,6 cm (with hooks), 2,6 cm (without hooks), width – 1,6 cm.

Please note that the measurements presented are approximate. All items are handmade, therefore the dimensions of your jewelry piece can be slightly different from those indicated here.