Secrets of the Orient

Unfamiliar, dangerous and yet tempting – with its unexplored images, tastes and sounds… Cooling glow of lazurite, colourful corals from far-away seas, lavish abundance of wild creepers… Such a mysterious image of the Orient, as seen by the 19th century Western travelers, inspired us to create this set. Man of the Romantic era was particularly interested in the exotic. Artists, aristocrats and common people started to travel extensively, bringing home fresh impressions and colourful eastern tales.
The set is made of a fine mélange thread, very detailed and filigree. It’s vivid yet reserved, as an enchanting but difficult to approach beauty of the Orient. It will suit many occasions, for a feast or everyday wear, matching the shades of earth, red, blue and green.


• Cotton thread
• Lapis lazuli stone, corals (dyed)
• 925 Sterling Silver fittings

In order to keep their shape, jewelry pieces are stiffened (except for the band).

Necklace: 2,5 x 3,2 cm (without pendant bail)
Band: length – 45 cm, width – 2 mm.
Earrings: length – 2,3 cm (with hooks), 1,3 cm (without hooks), width – 1,3 cm.
Please note that the measurements presented are approximate. All items are handmade, therefore the dimensions of your jewelry piece can be slightly different from those indicated here. The band can be made according to your preferred length.