Swirl of Dance

White colour, generously adorned with pearls, still recalls the splendor of the balls gone by, and, at the same time, full of youthful gaiety. Along with the first chords of music, pairs of dancers start swirling under the light of a magnificent chandelier. Oh, what dance is it? Maybe it’s the gracious polonaise, so much favoured in the beginning of the 19th century, or the merry cotillion? It could be waltz, which enchanted the whole Europe and overseas in the middle of the century, named the king of dance... Or, probably, the cheerful polka, unrestrained as a folk dance,  becoming increasingly popular towards the end of the century even to challenge the king of dance…


• Cotton thread
• High quality cultivated freshwater pearls
• 925 Sterling Silver fittings

In order to keep their shape, jewelry pieces are stiffened.


• Necklace: length – 48 cm, width – 2 cm.
• Bracelets: length – 16 cm, width – 3 cm. To adjust bracelet length, 7 cm long silver chain decorated with a seed pearl, is attached.
• Earrings: length – 6,7 cm (with hooks), 5,3 cm (without hooks), width – 3,3 cm.

Please note that the measurements presented are approximate. All items are handmade, therefore the dimensions of your jewelry piece can be slightly different from those indicated above. Necklace and bracelets can be made according to your preferred length.